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2.5 Degree Bent Axles for Rail Riding (2 axles) Plus Straight (2 axles) (2.5 Degree and Straight)

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  1. Package: the package includes 2 pcs 2.5 degree bent axles, 2 pcs straight axles and one transparent storage box. All the axles are fixed on foam boards in order to prevent scratches and damage during transportation.
  2. Design: the 2.5 degrees bent axles are designed to allow for steering of your car (rail riding for your back wheels). There are 2 grooves and angled head,which can reduce friction and wheel wobble and reach a super high speed.
  3. Size: the length of the derby car axle measures approx. 0.91inches/23.1mm, which can best fit in the wheel bore to reduce wheel wobble. The bent axle is 2.5 degrees bent.
  4. Material: our axles are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, strong, durable, and anti-oxidation.
  5. Application: the axles are made for Pine Derby Car PRO Super Speed Axles. They are perfect for your derby car, and you can install it on your derby car for the best speed experience. This axle is suitable for pine car racing. But please note: this axle is not specially produced for professional races, please read your rules carefully as all race rules are unique for each race.