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How to Build Faster Derby Car in 4 Steps

Posted by DantesEdmond on

    First, you need to determine the shape of the Derby car to be manufactured and the complexity of the car. For example, select one cut, two cut designs or multiple cut designs.

   The second step is to polish the cut pine car. Make it what shape you want, and have a baby-like smoothness. This requires you to have a lot of patience.

    The third step is to install high-quality axles and wheels to win the race. In addition, in order to make your car run faster, you need to attach a certain weight to the pine car, which requires continuous testing to determine the appropriate weight.

     Finally, finish painting your car and make your car shine like stars. There are many things you can do here, and complete this task with your child. This becomes your child’s pleasure.


    Before the start of the game, the organizers announced the rules of the game. Article 1: It is for fun. The second article is It is for fun. Third, if you get stuck in the car race or if there is any accident, you can take part in the next round unconditionally. Every car will have four results, so don’t worry. So please remember our slogan is: It is for fun! Happy first, second in the game.

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