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EDC Contactless Door Opener Multifunction Safety Tool (Zinc alloy)

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  1. Safety: It can prevent human hands from directly contacting public goods that are easy to carry viruses, especially door handles, elevator buttons and ATM buttons.When you're out in public, you can use it to protect yourself from shared surfaces.
  2. Portable: the EDC handle tool measures 3.91inches×1.75inches×0.20inches(95.5mm×44.5mm×5.5mm). It is suitable for hanging on a key ring, easy to store in a bag, and easy to carry.
  3. Material: the contactless door opener is made of high-quality Zinc alloy, strong, not easy to rust, smooth and shiny appearance.
  4. Multifunction: The door opener can not only help open the door without contact, but also press the elevator button, ATM button and all other things that need to be pressed and pushed. The silicone conductive cap we equipped can help the touch screen operation, which is not only safer and more hygienic, but also frees hands and avoids the friction between the fingers and the screen.
  5. Package include: you will receive 2 pieces of safety door opener and 7 silicone caps, which can help to effectively perform touch screen operation.

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