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3-Pack Taylor Swift Name Tags for 40oz Stanley Cup Accessories Tumbler Lid

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Enhanced Personalization: Add a stylish touch to your Stanley cup with this high-quality name plate. This is a personalized name plate designed for TS fans, inspired by her and her songs.
Seamless Fit: Designed to seamlessly attach to the lid of your 40oz Stanley cup, this name plate provides a secure and snug fit, preventing any accidental removal or shifting.
This stanley name plate is a perfect gift for yourself or your friends who love TS, especially on occasions like birthdays, holidays, or concerts.
Durable Construction: Made from durable Acrylic materials, this Stanley cup accessories is built to last, ensuring it will withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
Easy Installation: Simply peel off the front and back fimls, then press the name plate onto the lid of your Stanley cup for quick and hassle-free installation.

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