Several Ways to Relieve Stress

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1.Take a deep breath

   Try this: take a deep breath and hold on. Count to 10, then exhale. At this time you will feel the tension and pressure flowing out with your breathing. If you don't feel enough, repeat this action 3-10 times to blow the pressure out of your body.

2.Tell the things that are bothering you

    This seems to be an obvious method, but this suggestion is often overlooked. Sometimes, the stress is just because there is a cumbersome problem that you need to solve, or the emotions are not released for a long time. Talking to loved ones or professionals is helpful, but if there is no one around, talking to yourself is good, don’t be scared!


   In such a list of suggestions, it is impossible not to see "exercise". We all know that allowing your blood to flow is good for your brain. Do you hate running and despise the gym? Then you can make a simple attempt this week and do a quick 5-minute home exercise every day. Don't forget that any exercise is helpful.

4.Participate in outdoor activities

   Returning to nature is a good choice, because outdoor activities are what we all need. Being in a small space for a long time is easy to breed negative emotions, and it will avoid this situation in an open place.


   You can meditate easily without any training. Even a short meeting can make you feel like a new person. If you encounter difficulties yourself, don't feel depressed! Maybe you can try a quick, guided meditation to get started.

6.Take a day off

  If you can, taking a break from your work or other affairs is a great way to cleanse the daily activities in your mind and press the restart button for your stress level.


    This does not refer to social media posts on your phone. Try to find a paper book that interests you. A good book can make you lose yourself in it and relieve stress.

8.Leave the electronic device

   The electronic products in our lives emit a faint light, which will invisibly cause pressure on us. If we choose to leave our phones, tablets and computers for a period of time, not only will it not hurt our eyes, but it will also help relax our brains!

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